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Walking Path into Dearborn Park Complex

     I live in Dearborn Park in Chicago’s South Loop–which is just west of the State Street/Roosevelt Road intersection.

     If you drive here, you must enter the Dearborn Park One complex at State & 9th Streets.  There are no other entrances into the complex if you drive!  We have guest parking passes for your car.

     The best way to get here is on public transportation. The Red, Orange & Green lines all stop on our corner, as do the 12,29,62 & 146 buses.  Check pdf above for walking direction/instructions.

     The biggest hurdle is finding the walking path which is located on the southwest corner of  State Street/Roosevelt Road.  Memorize photo above of hubby Richard waiving to you from inside the walking path. Do NOT continue on Roosevelt Road past State Street!  The closer you get to the Target on Roosevelt & Clark, the farther you will be from your destination!!!

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