DINNER @ JANE’S in Chgo & Carbondale!

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SIU-C Program Description (pdf)

Chicago Branch was the very first AAUW-Illinois branch to see DINNER AT JANE’S at a program hosted by the DePaul University’s Women’s Center on DePaul’s downtown campus. Our special guest speaker was Mary Ann Johnson who was the Executive Director of the Hull-House Museum in 1993 when DINNER AT JANE’S was filmed. The intention of this program was get everyone busy planning activities for the first annual Jane Addams Day a mere ten months away.

I did my second screening of DINNER AT JANE’S as part of the International Women’s Day celebration on Southern Illinois University’s Carbondale campus. I was thrilled to finally meet the two most important figures behind Jane Addams Day face-to-face. Cindy Vines (now retired) is the teacher from Dongola Middle School who inspired her class to contact state legislators. Lelia Marvin (Past-President of AAUW’s Cardondale Branch) played a critical role by connecting Cindy & her students with Representative Mike Bost. Read more about how Jane Addams Day came to be. Read update with the names of a few more women who have also been honored with commemorative days in other states. (Photo Credit: Jan Lisa Huttner)

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