JUNO: Here’s Proof!

JUNO: Considered & Rejected!    Because I am a very vocal advocate for women filmmakers & I spout Martha Lauzen’s “celluloid ceiling” stats every chance I get, some people assume that I am biased towards women filmmakers & promote their work without sufficient critical distance.  People who really know my work, know this is bunk.  There are many films by women filmmakers that I hate & others that I think are just OK or truly mediocre.

     Right now, I’m on a tear about JUNO written by someone who calls herself “Diablo Cody.” Normally this is the kind of film I would ignore without bothering to write about it, but JUNO just received FOURIndependent Spirit Award” nominations from Film Independent (including Best Director, Best Feature, Best First Screenplay & Best Lead Actress), so I’m beyond enraged.

     I’ll have much more to say about this year’s heartbreaking Spirit Award nominations later, but right now I’m saving my energy for Illinois’ first annual Jane Addams Day celebrations.

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