6/2/08: Jan Cheers for the Gal Pals!!!



     Despite all the nasty comments, negative reviews, & ugly imagery (see above), the four SEX AND THE CITY gal pals surprised prognosticators & movie mavens by surging to the top spot in last weekend’s box office contest (based on numbers released today).

     Is this important?  You bet!  The films “coming soon” to YOUR multiplex are directly affected!  Just read this excerpt from my ’05 interview with Deborah Kampmeier:

     “…over and over I was told: “Well, women aren’t a ‘demographic,’ at least not a demographic you can market to. You know, boyfriends and husbands make the decisions.” “

     Now Deborah is the writer/director of a wonderful film called VIRGINVIRGIN received 2 Independent Spirit Award nominations in one of the most competitive years in recent memory, but she could never find a distributor for VIRGIN…  Why?  Because distributors think they can’t market to women.  Rub your eyes, blink, & read it again: “boyfriends & husbands make the decisions”!!!

     What about THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA?  Oh, that was just a fluke…  But now the truth is revealed: give us a film that WE want to see & women will turn out in huge numbers… even if it’s R rated… even if ignoramuses like John Kass offer men online passes to “escape” from going to see SATC.  Most of them got the message (No “real man” would be caught dead at this film.) & very few of them showed.  Kass was even invited onto NPR’s TALK OF THE NATION to issue his fatwa — something I consider an insult to millions of intelligent NPR subscribers. 

     The issue isn’t whether or not SATC is a good film or a bad film —  the issue is who gets to decide.  But turning out in massive numbers, women are demanding their right to choose.

    Consider this:  The Internet Movie Database posted that IRON MAN’s estimated budget was $1.40M & INDIE 4’s estimated budget was $1.85M, but SATC’s estimated budget was a puny $65M.  Be as sanctimonious as you like about the $700 shoes, John Kass, we all know that a closet full of Manolo Blahnik’s won’t pay for a single one of IRON MAN’s gloves or Indie’s hats!!!


     Kudos to Richard (my husband & partner) who was one of only 5 men in last Friday’s sold-out 1:15 PM show at the AMC 600 North Theatre.  For the record, we both liked SATC, we split on IRON MAN, & we both found INDIE 4 disappointing, & yes: Richard is “a real man.”


Need more convincing, read Melissa Silverstein’s excellent essay

A Women’s Cultural Moment.”

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