6/6/08: WeN Posts Smart Words about SEX

Women’s eNews (6/6/08)

     Women’s eNews posted a smart editorial this AM explicitly linking together SATC & the Clinton Campaign.  Here’s an excerpt:


“… paying $10 to watch four shop-a-holic women from Manhattan who seem to inhabit a world completely devoid of politics is not how I usually spend my sunny California Sundays.  But my 19-year-old daughter, 84-year-old mother and 50-year-old best friend all told me to go. I went…

….the thing I most enjoyed was the sheer fact that we were all there to watch a quartet of 40-plus [female] characters with no major personality disorders and all capable of strong friendship….  In “Sex and the City” each character has a distinct personality, be it sweet, sassy or overtly sexual. But not one is mean, conniving or dishonest. No one’s fighting over a man, backstabbing at a job, scheming or competing with each other. Instead they support each other through good and bad times, something that’s normal in real life but rarely shown on the big screen.”


Bravo, Sandra Kobrin!  You got it!!!

     Now remember, if YOU haven’t seen SEX AND THE CITY yet, then you need to GO THIS WEEKEND.  I promise you this: people are counting every dollar behind-the-scenes, so if you think of yourself as a feminist then you MUST put your money where your mouth is!

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