Jan Rants: THE WOMEN & Hypocrisy

     I can’t believe the hypocrisy of some of my colleagues!  After trashing SEX AND THE CITY way back in June, they’re now using some of the very same arguments to trash THE WOMEN, but here’s the thing: knowing SATC was a box office smash, they’re pretending that they understand why so many women loved it.  Now they’re arrogant enough to tell you that even if you liked SATC, you won’t like THE WOMEN.  But take it from me: if you liked SATC, then you probably will like THE WOMEN.  I certainly did.

      Furthermore, they’re telling you the ’39 version is far superior to the ’08 version, & that’s pure BS.  Sure, the ’39 version has some clever dialogue, but most of it is dull & sappy, with dated characters & obvious set-ups.  I really don’t believe that anyone watching it today enjoys the whole in its entirety: the dude ranch, the fashion show, puh-leeze!!!  Furthermore it’s racist and classist, with a couple of uncomfortably anti-Semitic moments too.  (“Cheer up, Mary; living alone has its compensations.  Heaven knows it’s marvelous being able to spread out in bed like a swastika.”)

       To be sure, Joan Crawford is terrific as “the shpritzer girl,” & one can see why Depression Era audiences loved her (even tho they knew the rules required that she would get her comeuppance in the end).  And Paulette Goddard is also in her prime.  But the rest of the cast?  Forget about it!  And note: in 1939, “Sylvia” (Rosalind Russell) is Mary’s cousin; she is not Mary’s friend.  All the women know she’s bitch from the very beginning, & no one trusts her, ever. 

     Chicago shows were sold out last weekend, & all the people I interviewed afterwards told me they really enjoyed it.  So click here to read my review, & if you disagree, then please tell me why.

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