Guest Critic Reviews HOUNDDOG

Read review of HOUNDDOG by Martha Steketee. 

Photo courtesy of Empire Film Group. All Rights Reserved.

      All five of Chicago’s major print critics trashed this film in their reviews yesterday.  Now I know all these guys, & I know they all have the best of intentions, but I also know there’s another POV: every woman I know who has seen this film has been deeply moved by it, & my husband/partner Rich also liked it very much.  (Bless his heart!)

     If you live in metro Chgo, please come to reception on Sun 9/21 after 3:10 screening @ AMC Pipers Alley.

     Martha Steketee is a Chicago theatre critic & one of the mentors in the “Young Critics Circle” (a joint project for high school girls co-sponsored by the Association for Women Journalists & the Goodman Theatre).

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