Jan Rants about THE READER

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.Photo Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon © 2008. The Weinstein Company.

As a Jewish Feminist, I am absolutely outraged by this film.  Since THPP is a Feminist Blog, let me just direct your attention to this still (above).  Here we have “Hanna” (Kate Winslet) & “Michael” (David Kross) in Hanna’s kitchen.  Notice how the filmmakers have used perspective to make Michael larger (& therefore more “masculine”) & Hanna smaller (& therefore more “feminine”).  They do this all the way thru, especially when Michael & Hanna are naked, having sex, & otherwise intimate.  But Michael is supposed to be a FIFTEEN year old boy, & Hanna is supposed to be a THIRTY-SIX year old woman!!!  Show me the boy of 15 with Kross’s complexion & physique!!!  Once they’ve lured you into the quagmire of this “romance,” it’s no wonder so many of you are acquiescing to all the moral outrages yet to come. Shame on you, Stephen Daldry!  Shame on you, Weinstein Company!  And shame on all those critics who’ve put THE READER on their “Best of ‘08” movie lists!!!

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