Big Thanks to Kavery Kaul & WMC!

“Of Slumdog and Loveleen” posted by Women’s Media Center on 2/17/09.

     The Women’s Media Center posted a wonderful piece today by doc filmmaker Kavery Kaul.  She ends her essay Of Slumdog and Loveleen as follows:

     “Today, a woman in India raises concern in the United States about the under-representation of women directors.  Did she give of herself too generously to the project?  Did she fail to grab for the brass ring when opportunity struck?  An Englishman gave her the title of co-director and sparked debate about whether that indicates recognition or condescension.  People are often reluctant participants in issues they didn’t create.  The questions muddy matters of a delicate balance.  They can shatter the spontaneity of a rare moment.  Yet, they often push us forward by highlighting the need for change.”

     I won’t add to the ugliness by sharing any of the contents of any of the nasty, intimidating messages I’ve received since I began writing about “my SLUMDOG Brouhaha,” but suffice it to say that posts like Kavery’s make it ALL worthwhile!

Thank you, Kavery, & thanks also to WMC!

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