Chgo eVite: Post-Screening Q&A on Weds 7/15

3 reasons why WOMEN should see THE HURT LOCKER in a theatre ASAP!

     I will conduct an audience Q&A session after the 7:25 PM screening of THE HURT LOCKER at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Lincoln Park on Weds 7/15.  Regular ticket prices apply.  You can purchase tix at the door or click here to purchase tix in advance.

From my FWA review:

“I sincerely believe that only one thing stands between Kathryn Bigelow and a Best Director nomination: box office. Critical buzz is already very strong, so if THE HURT LOCKER generates respectable box office returns, then Kathryn Bigelow will receive an Oscar nomination. So, women: we hold this in our hands. If we turn out for THE HURT LOCKER, (if we use our “power of the purse”), we can help Kathryn Bigelow become the 4th woman in history nominated for a Best Director Oscar. And if this happens, if Kathryn Bigelow receives a nomination, I also believe there’s a good chance she will then become the first woman in history to actually receive a Best Director Oscar…Kathryn Bigelow has put THE HURT LOCKER out there for all to see, and I urge each and every one of YOU to see it in a movie theatre as soon as you can. She has done her job, now we must do ours!”

For more information about THE HURT LOCKER,

read my full FWA review &/or visit the official website.

NOTE: If you can’t attend on 7/15, then please go on your own.  Metro Chgo locations are:

  • AMC

  • Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema
  • CineArts in

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