Kudos, Neda Ulaby!

Photo Credit: Forrest MacCormack (Courtesy of NPR Website)

     Kudos to NPR Arts Reporter Neda Ulaby (now DC-based but once a local fixture at both The Windy City Times and The Chicago Review) for her excellent ATC report on women directors yesterday:

“Major Hollywood studios cannot exactly bask in their legacies of female empowerment: Historically, female directors tend to work outside the traditional studio system.”


     It’s just what I’ve been telling you all for years: there are plenty of women-directed movies out there, now we must still make it our job to support them. So get yourselves to THE HURT LOCKER as soon as possible. Generate revenue, build buzz, and do YOUR part to help Kathryn Bigelow become the first woman in history to win a Best Director Oscar.  If women don’t go, it won’t happen, but if we do go, well, did you really believe a year ago that you would see pix of two African-American girls in Ghana with their father the POTUS?!?

United we stand; divide we fall.  Yes, We Can!!!

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