Bigelow Noms: The Backlash Begins?

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Provocative IndieWIRE article by London-based writer Matthew Hammett Knott (“Is KB a female director?“) creating lots of great discussion in cyberspace, including pick-up by the invaluable Melissa Silverstein.  And of course, yours truly is fully engaged J


     Here’s my bottom line: Let’s all keep in mind that Kathryn Bigelow created strong women leads in Blue Steel & The Weight of Water, as well as strong supporting roles for women in Point Break & Strange Days.  Since Oscars often honor a body of work as exemplified in a significant achievement in one specific year, there is no reason for any woman (or man of good will) anywhere to have any qualms whatsoever cheering for her on Oscar Night come March! 

The Hurt Locker arrives on DVD this Tues (1/12/10).

Click HERE for my review including three reasons

why WOMEN should see The Hurt Locker ASAP!


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