Oscar Update: Gender Gap?

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Susie’s Inbetween: The One & The Many. 


Numbers matter!!!  Case in point, this recent quote from the WSJ’s Lauren Schuker: “Only about a third of the Academy’s 5,777 voters are female…”  For Schuker, this is a clearly bad thing.  She’s focused on the gossipy “Battle of the Exes,” so this ratio is ominous: “It’s a cliché that in a divorce, men side with the man, and women side with the woman. If that carries over to the Oscars, the deck might be stacked against Ms. Bigelow.”  But me, I see cause for hope! There are two categories which I sincerely believe are up for grabs right now: Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay.  My candidates are Stanley Tucci (for his chilling performance as “George Harvey” in The Lovely Bones) and Nick Hornby (for his female-centric work on An Education). So I’m telling the women members of AMPAS to ignore all the handicapping and vote with their hearts.  If they do, then Oscar night might yield some surprising results! If you agree with me, then please help me spread the word.  As Scott Bowles said in a recent USA Today article: “Oscar voters like to know they have some public support.”

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