David & Goliath?


Jan Sings Her Annual Oscar Blues


“…if The Hurt Locker wins, it will be the lowest grossing best picture honoree in decades of Oscar winners.  It’s earned just over $12.6 million in a theatrical release that wrapped up late last year.  Avatar on the other hand would be the highest grossing best picture winner.  It’s made more than $706 million domestically and is still in theaters.”  That’s what IndieWIRE editor Eugene Hernandez just posted in his latest Oscar Update.



     But honestly, folks, I still don’t understand why…  Specifically, once they knew for sure that The Hurt Locker was sweeping almost all of the critics circle awards in December, why did Summit still decide to go thru with a DVD release on January 12?  Why didn’t they wait & re-release into theatres right after Oscar nominations were announced on February 2?  Very, very strange “marketing strategy”…  One might almost wonder if Summit ever really believed in The Hurt Locker or even realized what they had… <insert BIG SIGH here >

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