Brava Feo Aladag!


Sending congratulations to German actress Feodora (Feo) Aladag—the big winner in this year’s Tribecca Film Festival.  Her film WHEN WE LEAVE (DIE FREMDE) won the Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature in this year’s World Narrative Competition.  Aladag is credited as director, screenwriter & producer… & this is her first time behind the camera!

On home turf, DIE FREMDE won the “Label Europa Cinemas” award at the Berlin International Film Festival, & received six nominations from the German Film Academy (including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, and Outstanding Feature Film), although awards this year were otherwise dominated by Michael Haneke’s Oscar-nominated film THE WHITE RIBBON.

So keep your eyes peeled for WHEN WE LEAVE now that it’s made its big debut on the international film festival circuit!


Shout out to Feo Aladag:

You Go, Girl!

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