Saturday in the Park with Jane

To: Julia Bachrach

Department of Planning & Development

Chicago Park District

Dear Julia,

Thank you again for inviting me to the ReDedication Ceremony for the “Helping Hands” sculptures created in my honor by Louise Bourgeois. I think CPD has done a lovely job of adorning the space next to Clark House to maximize the significance of Ms. Bourgeois’ artistic message (a monument to a great woman need not look the same as the “typical” monument to a great man). 

Attached is the quote Jan Lisa Huttner read from my book Twenty Years at Hull-House augmented by some of Joan Pomaranc’s photos.

Best wishes,

“Jane Addams”

Click here for Jane’s text —> 11Sept24Ceremony

PS from Jan:

Click HERE for coverage for Windy City by Tracy Baim (& also summarized HERE on HuffPo).

Click HERE for coverage on the Blog “ArchitectureChicago Plus” by Lynn Becker

Click HERE for coverage in the Chicago Journal by Bonnie McGrath.

Click HERE for official info from the Chgo Park District.

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