Another Earth

My Bad! Yesterday I was filled with despair about the lack of women candidates for the 2012 Spirit Awards, but I just watched Another Earth (co-written by Brit Marling–the only woman to receive a nomination yesterday), & I loved it!

What took me so long? Well, Another Earth was marketed as a SciFi film (which is not one of my favorite genres) & it played in Chicago in October (when I was preoccupied with local film festivals). So I never made a special effort to see it… until tonight.

Then I watch it & I love it & I go onto IMDb for the details I need to post our FF2 haiku & I read this quote:

“We’re all drinking from this cultural milk in which there are not many stories of strong, powerful, sexy, entitled women because there are not yet that many female writer-directors, but that’s changing. That confusion-that oh my God she writes!-is so strange. It’s funny. I just think there aren’t many representations of how to be a girl or woman in the world.”

Of course, she’s wrong about this. As this blog demonstrates time & again, the movies are there; what’s missing are the audiences.

But BRAVA, Brit: Today you have jumped from obscurity to the top of Penny’s Must Watch list 🙂

Marling as "Rhoda Williams"

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