Penny’s Picks Published!

Last summer, way back when, I told you I was “road testing” a collection of reviews at Chicago’s Printer Row Lit Fest… Well, it’s finally here & you can order a copy from Amazon today!

I know everyone tells you ePublishing is really easy, but of course it’s not. So huge thanks to FF2 interns Alma Garcia & Brigid Presecky for compilation & proof-reading, as well as AWJ collleague Sylvia Franklin for editing & working thru the CreateSpace mechanics. Credit for all graphics (including cover design) goes to Melissa Wilks & of course Martha Richards of WomenArts wrote the Foreward. (Who else could?!?)

Penny’s Picks is dedicated to Helene Huttner (my mother) & Juanita Miller (my mother-in-law), with deep gratitude always to Rich Miller (my husband) & Dorthea Juul (my BFF).

For those of you wondering why these are “Penny’s” picks (as opposed to, say, Jan’s picks), I remind you that “an adult female swan is a pen,” so I use the name “Penny” for my (ahem) “feminist persona.”

And for those of you who’ve asked about a Kindle edition, yes, we’re working on it now & it will be available sometime in January. (One more thing that’s not quite “easy,” but definitely doable.)

The list of people to thank is huge, so I’ll stop now… Happy Holidays & on to 2012 🙂

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