Spooky tale set in rural England: a classic Victorian “haunted house” where strange noises lure our hero “Arthur Kipps” (with his sputtering candle) into rooms long left unused… and suddenly… all the wind-up toys start moving! Pure mindless fun with a committed performance by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter now grown-up). Kudos to  Jane Goldman for another great genre-perfect screenplay. Click HERE for our FF2 haiku.


Poor Arthur Kipps! He’s been in a funk since losing his beloved young bride (who died in childbirth) and if he doesn’t pull it together quick, he might soon lose his job too. Straight-laced “Mr. Bentley” sends Arthur off with words of warning: Take care of all the remaining To Dos at Eel Marsh House or move on.

So Arthur leaves his son “Joseph” in the care of his Nanny and boards the train for Cryphin Gifford, an isolated village on the foggy English coast.


Photo Credit: Nick Wall/CBS Films

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