Jane in Deerfield

Message from Judy Epstein (3/19/12): “Thank you for a wonderful evening. The program made us proud to be part of AAUW and advocates of the values of Jane Addams.”

From Intro: Who am I? I am a Life Member of AAUW and a member of AAUW’s Legacy Circle. I joined AAUW Chicago in 1983 (eek!), and I have proudly served in a wide-range of state and branch offices, as well as on national committees! I am a lifelong Feminist activist!

What I am not: I am not an actress, nor am I a scholar!

My goal tonight is to “embody” the activism of Jane Addams—make her a living presence for you, as stylish and colorful as she was in her own lifetime—no more gray tones—antiqued black & white—Jane now out of the archives and into the future 🙂

Context: Presentation for Deerfield Branch AAUW by Jan Lisa Huttner on 3/13/12.

Top Photo: Jan Lisa Huttner as “Jane Addams.”

Bottom Photo from left: Kim Benziger (left) and Judy Epstein (right). Kim, a Past President of AAUW-Illinois, chaired the first Jane Addams Day Committee in 2008. Judy is Program Co-Chair for Deerfield Branch AAUW.

Photo Credits: Cynthia Anderson (3/13/12)

Click HERE for more information about Jane Addams Day. Click HERE for more information about Jane Addams Day events sponsored by AAUW-Illinois. Click HERE to learn more about Alex Meadows (designer of Jan’s Jane Addams costume).

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