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Writer/Director Nora Ephron died of lukemia at age 71 on Tuesday, so yesterday cyberspace was filled with tributes to her “outstanding career,” mentioning over & over & over again how she was a “ground-breaking” figure–extraordinary proof that despite all the obstacles, women filmmakers could break-thru if only they would stop whining & stay focused on their craft.

Chris Matthews actually cried on camera as he told the world that Ephron’s films about male/female relationships were “of deep fascination to men,” to be forever treasured.

But here I am again (in my “every party has a pooper, that’s why you invited me” mode) to tell a different story…

Here is the list of nominations & awards Nora Ephron actually received in the course of her long career (as collected by the Internet Movie Database). Notice anything?

Look at how old the list of nominations is!

Look at how small the list of awards is!

I will have more to say about this soon, but for now, let’s just ignore the hype & let these sobering facts speak for themselves.

Nora Ephron never got a single nomination from the Directors Guild of America!!! This award pictured above (presented last year by Meryl Streep) was for unspecified “Lifetime Achievement.”

Sorry guys (& in speaking to the DGA membership, I am primarily speaking to guys): This was TLTL: Too Little, Too Late!!!

Top Photo: Nora Ephron (left) receives Directors Guild of America honors from Meryl Streep (10/1311). Credit: Elizabeth Pantaleo/ABACAUSA.COM/NewsCom

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