She the Man!

The saddest thing about last week’s Quvenzhané Wallis Brouhaha (beyond The Onion’s stupid stupid use of C-Word) was how few people seem to realize–even a full week later— that Nazie (that’s her nickname) was referencing her own scene when the camera turned to her in the build-up to the announcement of the Best Actress Oscar. In fact, she was referencing the scene shown on screen mere seconds before!!!

No folks: Nazie wasn’t just “making a muscle” out of ego. She did it because that’s what everyone who has actually seen Beasts of the Southern Wild is now asking her to do on every TV show she’s on.

This is the problem with cyberspace, folks: Too many people “spouting off” in ignorance while too few people actually do their homework. For the record, I’ve done my homework & this scene comes straight from the script of Lucy Alibar’s play Juicy & Delicious:

Daddy: Show me them guns, Hushpuppy. Who the man?”

Hushpuppy: I the man!

Daddy: That’s right you the man! You my man! No cryin’.

Lucy who? Lucy Alibar: the “Invisible Woman” of the 2013 Awards Season 🙁

Brava, Lucy Alibar for your poignant screenplay! Brava, Quvenzhané Wallis for your wonderful debut!! And a BIG BRAVA to Anne Hathway for your outstanding career!!! Now let’s let girls be girls, OK? HOORAY 🙂


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