VIDA 2012

Here are the VIDA Stats for 2012 (just posted). The 2012 VIDA Report begins as follows: “In a year kicked off by the Republican party fighting the Violence Against Women Act and a nationally-broadcasted song reducing Oscar-noteworthy actresses to “boob shots,” VIDA takes our annual look back to see if this regressive tenor is reflected in the treatment of women in literature in 2012. We also eyeball how the 2012 Count stacks up beside numbers from the years preceding. As always, the charts tell their own stories, whether publishers and editors listen or not. And now their histories are showing…”

Note, for example, that the New Yorker still has two male film critics (& only male film critics). I point that out because whenever I ask people to name women film critics, they invariably name Pauline Kael who was once at the New Yorker… NEWS FLASH: Folks, Pauline Kael has been dead for years 🙁

Kudos to the VIDA Team for holding editors’ feet to the fire & keeping us all informed!


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