OnTheStepsDirector Matthew Porterfield (working with screenwriter Amy Belk) creates an oblique & melancholy drama set in Baltimore but with no local color.

Two musicians (Ned Oldham & Kim Taylor) who have been married for years, are splitting up, which should be sad… but there is so little back story that it’s impossible to care about them.

Seen thru the eyes of a teenage niece from Ireland (Deragh Campbell) who drops in from out of nowhere with problems of her own.

Maybe I was just in the wrong mood when I saw it, or maybe I just didn’t appreciate the music… but frankly I found I Used to be Darker soporific. It was hard to stay awake, much less to engage 🙁 (JLH: 2/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.


Photo Credits: Andrew Laumann

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