How I live now 2013Riveting drama set in the near future, after a terrorist attack on London throws ordinary citizens back into the State of Nature. We follow characters we really care for with baited breath as the apocalyptic intensity builds.

Saoirse Ronan excels as an American girl in the middle who grows up fast. (JLH: 4.5/5)

Directed by Kevin Macdonald based on a novel by Meg Rosoff. Screenplay by Jeremy Brock, Tony Grisone & Penelope Skinner.

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. NOT YET SEEN BY RICH.

How I live now 2013

Top Photo: Saoirse Ronan as “Daisy”on the run with her cousin “Piper” (Harley Bird).

Bottom Photo: Daisy is forced from her home during a military takeover after London is bombed.

Photo Credits: Nicola Dove

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