BRAY_20130214_6869.CR2Holiday musical by filmmaker Kasi Lemmons is loosely-based on the great Gospel Oratorio of Langston Hughes, gloriously brought to life by a perfect cast anchored by Jennifer Hudson. Hudson plays “Naima,” a single mother who sends her teenage son (Jacob Latimore) to stay with her parents–who he has never met–when she finds herself cash-strapped.

Angela Bassett & Forest Whitaker play the “pillar of the community” parents & Tyrese Gibson is a father who deserted his son.

Well that is the film I saw, but unfortunately, the film that my husband Rich saw was an overwrought mess that mere music could not save. (JLH: 4.5/5)

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Q; Does Black Nativity pass the Bechdel Test? I wish I could say yes, but alas, Kasi Lemmons doesn’t really provide any Mother/Daughter moments for Bassett & Hudson…

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