Screenwriter Massoumeh Lahidji seems to specialize in serving as “midwife” (her word) to male directors who make me nuts.

As in Certified Copy (an earlier film she made with director Abbas Kiarostami), an excellent cast is put thru its paces here in The Past (made with director Asghar Farhadi), but does the whole add up?

While my husband Rich was deeply moved by watching well-intentioned people grappling with their past mistakes, I found The Past way too contrived. (JLH: 3/5)

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Top Photo: Marie (Berenice Bejo) wants to marry Samir (Tahar Rahim), but first she must get a divorce from Ahmad. Bottom Photo: Here is Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa), playing with Samir’s son & Marie’s daughter (from her first marriage).

Now someone please explain: If Ahmad is so great with kids, why doesn’t he have any of his own? Oy!!!

Photo Credits: Carole Bethuel

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