Vanetia“Vanetia” (Maxine Peake) is an Irish woman with 2 young children.

Her husband “Conor” (Edward MacLiam) has been disabled by a premature stroke & she is beginning to fray.

Into this mix comes an American neuropsychologist (Will Forte), not to help her but to “observe” Conor after he has moved from the rehab facility & back to his home.

Vanetia wants to hold it all together–for the sake of her family as well as herself–but what happens if she stops believing in Conor’s recovery?

If you think you know where all this is heading, think again. Director Steph Green & screenwriter Ailbhe Keogan (a Kerry native) have a deep appreciation of Vanetia’s predicament, & they refuse to simplify their excellent character study. (JLH: 4/5)

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Top Photo:  Vanetia (Maxine Peake) has flaming red hair & an Irish temperament to match.

Bottom Photo: Family outing with Vanetia on the left of the Volvo, and Conor (Edward MacLiam) & “Ted” (Will Forte) on the right.

Photo Credits: Karina Finegan – © 2014 – IFC Films

Q: Does Run & Jump pass the Bechdel Test? Technically yes, altho Vanetia has very few occasions for conversation outside the home… DigitalStampA

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