Seen at the 4th annual Athena Film Festival at Barnard College.

CoumbaTall as the Baobab Tree is a superb story directed by Jeremy Teicher (& co-written by Alexi Pappas) about a teenage girl in Senegal coming face-to-face with her first moral dilemma.

When a financial crisis hits, her father decides to keep “Coumba” (Dior Kâ) in school & marry off her 11 year old sister instead.

Told with such simplicity & respect, it’s as if the great Ousmane Sembene was providing personal coaching from the Great Beyond.


Top Photo: “Coumba” (Dior Kâ) searches for a solution to her problem.

Bottom Photo: “Coumba” with her younger sister “Debo” (played by Dior’s real sister Oumul Kâ).

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Q: Does Tall as the Baobab Tree pass the Bechdel Test?

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