KitHaringtonGuilty pleasure–to be seen on a big screen & best in 3D–rips of big chunks of Gladiator & adds a love triangle with lovely Cassia (Emily Browning) pursued by an evil Roman (Kiefer Sutherland) while shared “meaningful glances” with a slave called “Milo the Celt” (Kit Harington).

All the while, of course, Mount Vesuvius is itching to make her Grand Entrance–Yowza! (JLH: 3.5/5)

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Screenplay by Janet Scott Batchler & Lee Batchler with Michael Robert Johnson.

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.


Top Photo: Kit Harington as “Milo the Celt”… Um, Yummy 🙂

Middle Photo: Mount Vesuvius in her act of final destruction. Says Milo to “Severus” (Sutherland) –> “Our Gods are coming for you!” Indeed!!!

Bottom Photo: Harington & Browning as doomed lovers about to be immortalized forever in swirling ash.

Photo Credits: Caitlin Cronenberg

Q: Does Pompeii 3D pass the Bechdel Test? Alas, no.DoomedLovers

Here we get into one of the Bechdel Test’s gray areas: what exactly is “a conversation” between two women characters & how long does this “conversation” have to last in order to qualify…?

I say that if the total time named female characters spend talking to each other about something other than a man is less than a minute, then there is no “conversation” & the film does not qualify. (I mean really: ONE minute in a film lasting between 90 & 180 minutes is that really too much to ask?!?)

In the case of Pompeii 3D, Cassia (Browning) exchanges a few words with her mother “Aurelia” (Carrie-Ann Moss) & her slave “Ariadne” (Jessica Lucas), but in my opinion, no actual “conversations” occur in these contexts… Too bad, but so it goes. Lovers? Yes! Bechel? No.


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