Terrific new documentary unravels the full range of Black responses to the 2012 campaign for Marriage Equality in Maryland. Focus is on the local activists who were personally campaigning Pro & Con.

Altho funding by White Catholic & Mormon churches was critical in getting the issue on the ballot in the first place, they remain is in the background, while Black Pastors in Maryland move to the foreground (even though Black activists like Julian Bond & Al Sharpton come to Maryland to help support Marriage Equality as a Civil Right).

Yoruba Richen‘s doc (co-written with Erin Casper) is highly recommended by both me & Rich. Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku.

Makes an excellent domestic counterpart to the 2013 doc God Loves Uganda (short-listed for a 2014 Oscar).

Photo Credits: Yoruba Richen

Tags: God Loves Uganda, The New Black, Yoruba Richen

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