Day Nine of the 2014 Rendez Vous with French Cinema

AtTheBallFrench Title = Au bout du conte

French comedy about searching for “Mr. Right” by 2 longtime collaborators: director Agnes Jaoui & her co-star/writing partner Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Alas, so many offbeat characters were doing so many quirky little things that it was hard to find an actual plotline.

Sweet. Colorful. Confusing. (JLH: 3/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.

tournage "un jour mes princes viendront"

Top Photo: When “Laura” (Agathe Bonitzer) meets “Sandro” (Arthur Dupont) at a party, she thinks he is “the one.” Then, when he loses his shoe running down a huge staircase, we think he is too.

Bottom Photo: Writer/Director/Star Agnes Jaoui as “Marianne” makes her best cinematic magic as the impresario of a school play.

Photo Credits: Thierry Valletoux

Q: Does Under The Rainbow pass the Bechdel Test? Only kinda sorta. Are these women talking about specific men or romance in general…?

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