BeerMugsNYC Shout-Out: Hank And Asha opens tomorrow (4/11/14) at the Village East Cinema on 2nd Ave & 12th Street. Q&A sessions are planned all weekend with Duff, Morrison & other guests. Click HERE for times & ticket information.


Delightful dramedy done on a micro-budget by filmmakers James E. Duff & his wife/partner Julia Morrison (who co-wrote screenplay with Duff, did the editing, & is now managing the film’s Festival Bookings).

“Hank” (Andrew Pastides) is an aspiring filmmaker in NYC who has succeeded in placing a short doc on the festival circuit. “Asha” (Mahira Kakkar) is a film student from Kolkata (India) who is studying film in Prague (Czech Republic).

When Hank is unable to attend “his” screening in Prague, Asha decides to conduct her own Q&A via video. A relationship develops in cyberspace which is inevitably fraught with psychological & cultural complications. (JLH: 4/5)


Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.

Top Photo: Knowing Hank likes beer, “Asha” (Mahira Kakkar) takes him on a Beer Tour of Prague.

Middle Photo: Asha shows Hank the theatre in which his film screened.

Bottom Photo: “Hank” (Andrew Pastides)–who is a Production Assistant on a TV Reality Show–shows Asha his “office.”

Photo Credits: Paper Chain Productions.

Question One: Why does the Press Kit call Hank And Asha a “romantic comedy”…? Be Warned, Folks: If you are looking for mindless yuks, do not look here!!!


Question Two: Does Hank And Asha pass the Bechdel Test?

D’uh! This is a film about a guy & a gal that only has two characters, so the inevitable answer is no…

But I have every confidence that should Hank And Asha succeed at the box office (and it should!!!) Duff & Morrison will bring us new films that do pass the Bechdel Test.

Me, I live in hope 🙂

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