KaleyCuocoEgos clash when one of the members of a writing group has sudden success.

Alas, this potentially funny premise is badly bungled. Weighed down by stereotypical characters none of the talented cast members have room to grow, altho Dennis Farina (in his final film role) does have a few moments as a guy who decides to go the Self-Publishing route. (JLH: 2.5/5)

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Top Photo: Kaley Cuoco as Writing Group Star “Hannah Rinaldi.”

Bottom Photo: Writing Group Members Clockwise from Top = Dylan Walsh as “Alan Mooney,” Chris Klein as “Henry Obert,” Dennis Farina as “John K. Butzin,” and Kaley Cuoco.

Photo Credits: Reid Chavis

Q: Does Authors Anonymous pass the Bechdel Test?

Not really. There is a mini-scene with Teri Polo as “Colette Mooney” forcing her way into the office of agent “Lois Pepper” (Diane Robin), but it’s too brief to be substantive.

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