Sixty years old and married to for decades, “Caroline” (Fanny Ardant) reaches a crisis point after her BFF dies of Breast Cancer.

When “Caro” decides to retire, her daughters give her a membership in a Senior Center. Initially she is full of resentment but gradually she loosens up & even begins an affair with an instructor… eek!

Director Marion Vernoux (working on the screenplay with novelist Fanny Chesnel), stretches reality a bit, but Ardant is so luminous–and still so beautiful–that in the end, I was totally seduced. (JLH: 4/5)

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Top Photo: Caroline aka “Caro” walks on the beach near Pas de Calais with her husband “Philippe” (Patrick Chesnais).

Bottom Photo: Caro–the perfect wife–entertains friends at home, then dashes off for a rendez vous with “Julien” (Laurent Lafitte).

Photo Credits?

Q: Does Bright Days Ahead pass the Bechdel Test? DigitalStampA

Yes! Caro has scenes with her daughters, as well as scenes with female instructors & female students at the Senior Center.

Since her relationship with Julien is secret, she never discusses him with anyone, & no one questions her relationship with her husband Philippe (which appears to be perfect from the public POV).

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