Purse Power: Colavita

AtTheCoopIn her new doc Half the Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women’s Professional Cycling, athlete, journalist & filmmaker Kathryn Bertine creates a great chart (“Pentagram of Blame”) which helps explain the complex set of interactions that continue to hold women back in almost every field of endeavor.

Since Bertine’s focus is on Professional Cycling, sponsorship is critical, and yet the list of sponsors who support Women Cyclists is puny compared to the huge dollars that sponsors pour into Men’s Cycling.

And this remains true even though we all know now — beyond any doubt — how drug-fueled their races were!!!

One great exception is Colavita. So I call upon you to consider Colavita the next time you need Olive Oil &/or Balsamic Vinegar.

So use your “Power of the Purse” & buy Colavita!

This sponsor has earned our thanks!


Photo Credits: Francine Bonnair (4/25/14)

PS: Kudos to my hubby — Richard Bayard Miller — for being such a great sport when I ask him to do “crazy things” like this for the cause 🙂

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