RusnakEngaging doc about high school students who teach residents in several Toronto senior living facilities how to get up & going in cyberspace.

They start by creating Facebook accounts (“What is a ‘friend’?”) & end by posting Vlogs on YouTube!

Filmmaker Saffron Cassaday asks no hard questions. This is pure uplift. But what is the harm in that? (JLH: 3/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. NOT YET SEEN BY RICH


Top Photo: Saffron Cassaday’s grandparents — Dan and Verna Rusnak — at a CyberSeniors screening event in Toronto.

Bottom Photo: Shura (in peach) with her sister Diana.

Photo Credits: Photos downloaded from the CyberSeniors site on Facebook.

Q: Does CyberSeniors pass the Bechdel Test?


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