Toni Collette plays a music critic for a hip Seattle magazine who is nudged by her editor (Oliver Platt) to “solve a mystery” by finding an old star — and former lover — who has long since disappeared.

Megan Griffiths’ new film has so many promising elements that I should love it… but watching it was excruciating. Unfortunately, the good intentions in Emily Wachtel’s screenplay never bear fruit. (JLH: 2.5/5)



Top Photo: Toni Collette as “Ellie” searches everywhere for a musician who supposedly killed himself ten years earlier…

Bottom Photo: Ellie is romanced by a young musician named “Lucas” (Ryan Eggold) who keeps coming on to her even after she refuses to write-up the interview she did with him.

Why? It’s a mystery! She is way older than him and they have absolutely no chemistry together!


Ryan Eggold is a real find. When he is performing, he has a brilliant smile and tons of charisma. I predict that years from now, Lucky Them will be remembered as Eggold’s Big Screen break-thru role. If I am right about this, then watching wasn’t a total loss… although sitting through to the end was a real chore 🙁

Photo Credits: Barbara Kinney

Q: Does Lucky Them pass the Bechdel Test?

No.  Ellie does have some conversations about her mess of a life with her bartender friend “Dana” (Nina Arianda) — always while Dana is pouring Ellie shots, but from my POV, these interactions are so brief and insignificant that they hardly count in the overall drama.


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