Berlin Yuppy “Hanna Eggert” (Karoline Schuch) cynically takes a career-advancing assignment in Tel Aviv which turns her well-ordered life inside out.

By opening herself up to both past and present, Hanna’s future possibilities take on whole new dimensions.

Inspired by a novel by Theresa Bäuerlein, director Julia von Heinz (collaborating with screenwriter John Quester) has crafted a beautiful film with great resonance. (JLH: 4.5/5)

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Hanna's Journey

Top Photo: “Hanna Eggert” (Karoline Schuch) arrives at Ben Gurion Airport wearing all her German “armor.”

Bottom Photo: When Hanna goes to meet “her survivor” for the first time, she is clearly expecting someone old and piteous, someone who will burden her with tragic stories laced with self-pity. What a surprise, then, to find herself ushered into the apartment of “Gertraud Nussbaum” (Lia Koenig).

Photo Credits: Vered Adir

Q: Does Hanna’s Journey pass the Bechdel Test? DigitalStampA


During her time in Israel, Hanna has critical relationships with three women: Mrs. Nussbaum (“her survivor”), Maya (one of her German roommates), and Mira (a mentally handicapped woman to whom Hanna becomes deeply attached).

Meanwhile, Hanna’s mother Uta is back in Berlin, amazed that her daughter is suddenly calling her on Skype to ask probing questions about her past.

The cherry on the top of the sundae is a hilarious early scene in which Hanna follows a competitor into the Ladies Room to pick up some interview tips.

None of these conversations — not a single one — is about a man 🙂

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