Gita Kaufmann Foto: Clemens FabryWishing does not make it so.

Over 70 years after Gita Weinrauch Kaufman escaped from Austria, she returns to Vienna with her Archival Photos and Family Letters to interview Austrian and Jewish Luminaries…

But we have now have access to so much about the Holocaust that this primitive film–no matter how sincere–begs more questions than it answers.

Just who is Gita Weinrauch Kaufman and who is Curt Kaufman (a husband/wife team who list themselves as co-directors)? How did they manage to arrange interviews with so many prominent people? Who funded all this? No clue. (JLH: 3/5)

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Top Photo: Gita Weinrauch Kaufman promo shot.

Bottom Photo: Young Gita’s Passport

Photo Credits: See Shadows from My Past website

Q: Does Shadows from My Past pass the Bechdel Test?

No. The luminaries GWK meets are all male.

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