Chelsea Gallery Crawl

Nicole2014NYC Shout-Out: Join us on Saturday (3/28) for our second annual International SWAN Day Gallery Crawl coordinated–once again–by fabulous Nicole Casamento!

Last year, we went to three different galleries on the Upper East Side. This year we are heading southwest to Chelsea.

Meet-up is 11:45 AM at the Jack Shainman Gallery (513 W 20th St). Reservations are required so please send your RSVP today to Nicole Casamento:

Message from Nicole: “Our plan is to check out three solo shows. Each artist on the crawl–Roz Chast, Alice Neel & Hayv Kahraman–delved into her immediate surroundings, memories and cultural histories to craft a distinct aesthetic. The results are both deeply personal and profoundly universal at once.”


Top Photo: Robin Cembalest (left) with Nicole Casamento (right) at the Dominique Lévy Gallery where we began our 2014 Upper East Side Gallery Crawl.

Click HERE for the full International SWAN Day calendar.

Click HERE for a brief history of International SWAN Day.

Click HERE for my book Penny’s Picks which contains a detailed account of the who, what, when & why of International SWAN Day, as well as my timeline “Ten Years in the Pond.”


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