TruthBoxSuperlative documentary about the life work of Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely blends lecture footage with first-person interviews and great graphics to tell us who we really are and how we really make the “rational” decisions that determine our personal, professional, and political lives.

Must See film directed by Yael Melamede. Highly recommended by both me & Rich! (JLH: 5/5)

Review by Managing Editor Jan Lisa Huttner

Dan Ariely, the subject of Yael Melamede’s terrific new documentary (Dis)Honesty: The Truth about Lies, introduces himself to us as a “Distinguished Professor of Advanced Hindsight.” That’s a very funny line, of course, but as the film goes on it gets harder and harder to laugh…

Why? Because the truth is that we all tell lies of various shades of gray, and as painful as it may be, Ariely is determined to make us face up to our lies and adjust our behavior accordingly.

© Jan Lisa Huttner FF2 Media (5/22/15)


Top Photo: Dan Ariely, self-described “Distinguished Professor of Advanced Hindsight,” poses with filmmaker Yael Melamede in front of his “Truth Box.”

Bottom Photo: Ariely and Melamede working together on (Dis)Honesty.

Photo Credits??? Grabbed from Google 🙁

Q: Does (Dis)Honesty pass the Bechdel Test?

Not really, but in this context what’s important in this context is that the voices are well-balanced. Men and women share equal time as they back Daniel up both as fellow researchers and as study subjects.

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