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Closing out another Women’s History Month at a performance of the fabulous new Broadway musical Waitress with my friend Ann Weil Feldman (from Livingston High School days) and our wonderfully accommodating spouses Rick and Rich. Waitress is based on the beloved film by Adrienne Shelly and has an all-female creative team lead by screenwriter/playwright Jessie Nelson, singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, […]

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Waitress on Broadway

NYC Shout-Out: Celebrate the 9th annual International SWAN Day on Broadway! Join us on Sunday, March 27 for opening weekend at the new Broadway musical Waitress! Tony winner Jessie Mueller (Beautiful) stars as “Jenna” in this uplifting new musical celebrating female friendship, motherhood, and the magic of a well-made pie. Inspired by Adrienne Shelly’s beloved film, […]

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American 30something (Keri Russell) travels to Merrie Olde England so she can wear Regency gowns & pretend to live in a Jane Austen novel… if only for a week. Is this the female version of Fantasy Baseball Camp??? A cute idea badly bungled by director Jerusha Hess & co-screenwriter Shannon Hale who refuse to populate […]


WFCC 2011

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s 2011 achievement awards from the Women Film Critics Circle — of which I am a proud member! Unless otherwise noted, the award goes to the director on behalf of the entire cast & crew. BEST MOVIE BY A WOMAN [TIE]: The Iron Lady (Phyllida Lloyd)/We Need To Talk […]

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Charming fairy tale about an abused woman (Keri Russell) struggling to find the inner courage to build a new life for herself. Told completely from Jenna’s POV, none of the male characters amount to much but the camaraderie between working women on the job (one of whom is played by writer/director Adrienne Shelly) is beautifully […]