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Bechdel-Wallace List Reviews: B-D

BIG EYES (2014): Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

1958. You are living in a tract house in a northern California suburb. Your husband is at work. With a sudden burst of energy, you pack a few bags, hustle your daughter into the car, and drive as far and as fast as you can. You are a painter with decades of training in your […]


Jan Rants: THE WOMEN & Hypocrisy

     I can’t believe the hypocrisy of some of my colleagues!  After trashing SEX AND THE CITY way back in June, they’re now using some of the very same arguments to trash THE WOMEN, but here’s the thing: knowing SATC was a box office smash, they’re pretending that they understand why so many women loved […]

Reviews: U-W


Fortysomething years of frenetic activity come to a screeching halt one day when “Mary Haines” (Meg Ryan) inadvertently learns that her husband Stephen is having an affair.  Retreating from men, Mary reaches out to an already large and rapidly expanding support network.  Old friends offer advice, and new friends provide consolation, but in the end […]