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Twenty years after the release of Sense and Sensibility, Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet reunite onscreen in a period drama set in 17th Century Versailles. Rickman, with co-writers Alison Deegan and Jeremy Brock, create their own historical fiction by telling the story of King Louis XIV and his two landscape architects – the real André […]

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Oh, Jennifer :-(

About The Hunger Games: Catching Fire… Technically, given the rules of this site, I don’t have to say anything about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire… Why? Because it was directed by Francis Lawrence (a man) & the screenplay was written by two men. But since Katniss Everdine has become a role model for so many young women, […]


Oscar Update: Gender Gap?

Click HERE to read my complete argument.       Numbers matter!!!  Case in point, this recent quote from the WSJ’s Lauren Schuker: “Only about a third of the Academy’s 5,777 voters are female…”  For Schuker, this is a clearly bad thing.  She’s focused on the gossipy “Battle of the Exes,” so this ratio is […]

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THE LOVELY BONES (2009): Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

The Lovely Bones is the story of a teenager named Susie who is brutally murdered by an innocuous-looking neighbor. While Mr. Harvey fastidiously covers his tracks, Susie is trapped in a parallel universe called “the Inbetween” (not yet Heaven but no longer Earth), where she watches as her loved ones struggle to go on living […]