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Amy Poehler’s ‘Wine Country’ a refreshing good time

From director Amy Poehler and writers Liz Cackowski and Emily Spivey, Wine Country is a heartfelt comedy wrapped up in a Saturday Night Live lover’s dream. Reuniting for a 50th birthday party on a girl’s trip to Napa, California, a group of friends comes back together in the midst of multiple midlife crises. Perfecting human […]

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Sisters is a big, broad, bawdy delight. Screenwriter Paula Pell–a member of the Saturday Night Live team for the past decade and Emmy-nominated with the SNL team for recent anniversary shows–knows her stars perfectly. And director Jason Moore (best known for the first Pitch Perfect film) knows how the keep the whole dizzy, ditzy ensemble […]

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Tina Fey plays a Dartmouth grad who becomes a Princeton admissions officer, so if you have no Ivy League sympathies then stay away. Promoted as a RomCom, this is actually a fairly serious meditation on who gets to determine who is “the best” in the winner-take-all culture of 21st Century America. Screenplay by Karen Croner […]

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Film Review: MEAN GIRLS

Serio-comic exploration of the high school “jungle” by screenwriter Tina Fey (who wrote herself in as the math teacher/moral conscience). Lohan stars as the new girl trying to figure out where she belongs in the stratified cafeteria. Definitely engrossing. Fun for all & presumably a must-see for parents & teens. More on MEAN GIRLS.