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Bechdel-Wallace List Reviews: U-W

In the canon of World War II films, ‘Where Hands Touch’ is one to skip

Review of Where Hands Touch by Eliana Levenson While Amma Asante’s desire to tell a story of a group whose struggle is often lost in the atrocities of Nazi Germany isn’t inherently a bad thing, Where Hands Touch delivers an incredibly tone-deaf narrative that fails in almost every way. (EML: 2/5) Review by FF2 Associate […]

Bechdel-Wallace List Reviews: A

A UNITED KINGDOM (2016): Review by Elyse Thaler

A United Kingdom, directed by Amma Asante (best known for the 2013 film Belle), is based on the true story of the marriage of Seretse Khama from Bechuanaland (now the nation of Botswana) and his English wife Ruth Williams. Their love does not come without a fight as they must both battle against the racism […]

Bechdel-Wallace List Reviews: B-D

BELLE (2013): Review by Jan

Supposedly based on the real life of a Mulatto woman nicknamed “Belle” who was raised in the English aristocracy around the time of the American Revolution, Belle is in fact a total fraud built up of melodramatic anachronisms and heaving bodices. Almost nothing in this film is true either to the specific life history of […]